What Career Is Right for Me? What Job Should I Have?

You’re lost

You’re in a maze, and not the fun kind from that movie Labyrinth.

What career would make you happy? Which ones pay the most?

What jobs are like a big jaw-trap to run away from, screaming?

You need a job that’s fun and challenging, with sky-high pay.

Everything will be okay

Knowing how to choose a career is actually straightforward.

But first you need to escape the swamp of options.

This guide will show you:

  • How to choose a career you’ll love.
  • Why career quizzes and career aptitude tests will always steer you wrong.
  • The best answer to, “what job should I have” you won’t regret 3 years from now.
  • Why “what career is right for me” might have an easier answer than you think.

There’s no prefab career finder that’ll pick your perfect career. The quick process in this guide will help you answer what should my career be on your own.

How to Choose a Career? Start with Your Passions

You’re learning how to choose a career. You’ve got a clean slate.

If I knew then what I know now, I’d be a millionaire.

Lucky you. I’m about to light a klieg light on your path to riches.


Start with Passion

Does that sound cliche?

It is. But only because most people misuse it.

So, don’t listen to it.


The first step in answering what career is right for me is passion. But it’s just a step.

Your passion might be knitting on a desert island. Maybe you can do that, write a book, and make a million bucks.

But probably not.

So—start with passion, but don’t stop there.

Why Passion Makes a Great Career Finder

Every job has roadblocks. Passion slices through them like a lightsaber through ice cream.

“You can learn most things on the job,” says Steve Dalton, author of The 2-Hour Job Search“The challenge is getting employers to want to do that with YOU.”

That means showing interest in the subject matter—and that comes from passion.

“In the end, the heart wants what it wants,” Dalton says. “As a chemical engineer by training, it absolutely kills me to say that, but truth is truth.”

Do you know your passions?

Sit down and daydream. Grab a coffee or a Buddha bowl. Make it fun.

List everything you love and all the things you’d love to do.

Then move on. In the next section we’ll blow the doors off how to choose a career.

Pro Tip: Do you already have a good job you don’t like? Don’t rush into massive changes. See if you can transform it into something better.

Let’s Connect

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