Why Do So Many Jobs Require Spanish?

There are plenty of compelling reasons to learn Spanish, but there’s one that really makes bank: Employability.

In virtually any career field, Spanish can come in handy and help you advance. However, there are some careers that actually require Spanish language skills.

If you travel to any Spanish-speaking country for work, you’ll certainly need to know travel phrases at the very least. In any work scenario in which you need to use Spanish, you’ll also ideally understand advanced phrases to communicate more fully. Conversational fluency is key. But regardless of how you intend to use Spanish in the workplace, it’s important to brush up on your Spanish for business.

With your incredible Spanish language skills at the ready, you’ll be one step closer to some great jobs.

It’s no secret that more and more employers are seeking Spanish-speaking employees at home and abroad—but why?

One reason is that the Hispanic population in the US is steadily climbing. The US Census Bureau reports that the Hispanic population is over 55 million (over 17% of the population) and rising. With a decent percentage of this population speaking Spanish as a primary (or at least favored) language, all areas of the economy need employees who speak both Spanish and English to engage and accommodate the changing demographics.

Additionally, international business is flourishing. Mexico is the USA’s third largest trade partner. The US is the largest trade partner of many Spanish-speaking countries, including Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia, Honduras and Panama.

Needless to say, all this leads to a great need for Spanish-language skills.

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