Career Mentoring

Here are all the ways we can support you with your career goals and what you love doing.

Career Help

Designed for getting clear on where to go next with their career and how to tackle a modern day job search.

Transition Help

Designed for those who want to make a significant career change.

Professional Development

Designed to build your professional skills, give you feedback, and navigate challenges at work. 

Interview Preparation

Designed to make sure you walk into an interview fully prepared, ready to showcase your unique talents and expertise.

Career Assessment & Planning:

Clarify what career satisfaction means to you by assessing your values, skills, interests and work environment preferences

Research and evaluate the career options that would meet your needs

Identify barriers to a career change and develop strategies to overcome them

Work Issues:

Develop your communication, negotiation and time management skills

Evaluate work transition opportunities and setbacks

Develop strategies for adjusting to your new job

Develop your strategy for a high-level job search

Craft self-marketing materials and messages

Learn to negotiate job offers

Euclid Mentoring can help clarify your career goals, plan a career transition or resolve issues that interfere with your career satisfaction and growth. Career Mentoring is available to both employed and unemployed individuals who are looking for one-on-one career guidance.