Give Back, Grow Leaders, Spark a Movement

You know incorporating service and philanthropy into your company is a business imperative and doing it right requires more than a day of service. But, it shouldn’t take a toll on your team to get it off the ground. Spark offers businesses a ready-made volunteer program that invites you and your employees to be key players in The Possibility Movement.Email Inquiry

A Workplace-Based Solution to Cultivate Talent in Local Students & Employees

Spark is a one-stop shop for community service, employee engagement and corporate philanthropy — and that stop happens right outside your office doors. We transport students directly to your workplace for two-hour Spark Lab or Spark Mentorship sessions, providing your volunteers with a consistent and reliable way to engage with your community. Spark’s trained and professional team supports your employees as they inspire the next generation of young talent to pursue careers they never dreamed possible.

Spark Provides:

Logistics Management

We’ll manage planning and make sure arrangements are turn-key for your office and culture


Employee volunteers will understand their role, responsibilities and best practices for working with middle school students

Structured Sessions

Spark Lab and Mentorship sessions are planned with ice breakers, skill-building activities and clear instructions

Online Resources

Easily accessible through Spark Online, there are a variety of resources at your fingertips

Dedicated Partnership Manager

Spark’s professional team provides coaching and support throughout the program

Corporate Partners Provide:

A Passion for Possibility

Companies enthusiastically bring career possibilities to life for local students

A Workplace Commitment

Companies invite local students to learn alongside employee volunteers and mentors in the fall and spring through structured sessions

A Financial Commitment

Corporate program fees cover the cost of transportation, safety clearances, training and more

Partnership Benefits

Skills-Based Volunteering

Mentoring is the number one form of skills-based service

Employee Engagement

74% of Spark Mentors increased their satisfaction, motivation and appreciation for their job

Professional Development

77% of Spark Mentors developed new skills like leadership, communication and collaboration

Community Engagement

79% of Spark Mentors feel closer to their community

A Tangible Impact

92% of Spark alumni have graduated on time or are on track to do so, compared to only 68% of their peers