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Partner With Euclid Mentors for Your Customized Business Solutions

At Euclid Mentors, it’s our job to make hope happen. Often times, that hope begins with a job opportunity. Whether you’re looking to hire hard-working, motivated, and trained employees or to strengthen your current team, Euclid Mentors can help. Our B2B services include:

  • Talent Acquisition/Staffing Services
  • Apprenticeships
  • Customized Training
  • Education & Training
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Hire Your Team through Euclid

Together, we can put hard-working people to WORK. We have a diverse pool of talented, experienced candidates who are pre-screened and pre-qualified. We can also help you access Work Opportunity Tax Credits that can be beneficial to your bottom line.

At Euclid Mentors, we are proud to serve the underserved—veterans, refugees and people with disabilities. We can help you maintain compliance with the federal contractor hiring standards for people with disabilities that were put into place in March of 2014.

Our programs include strategies for professionals, solutions for candidates over 55, opportunities for recent immigrants, and recovery programs for candidates with emotional, physical and learning disabilities.

We are also proud to provide qualified graduates who have completed rigorous skills training courses and industry certifications in a variety of building trades fields including Building/Property Maintenance, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Heating, Plumbing, Electricity, and Carpentry.

Expand Your Team with Euclid

As an apprenticeship intermediary, Euclid Mentors works collaboratively with employers to train, develop, and support their employees, leveraging federal, state and local resources available to apprentices and their employers. Euclid Mentors also provides pre-apprenticeship skills training programs, building individuals’ skills sets in order to move into apprenticeship opportunities in a variety of sectors, such as building trades, IT, health care and hospitality.

Train Your Team with Euclid

We offer specialized training in a variety of industries including health care, education, retail and building trades. Our customized programs are tailored to YOUR needs and will complement your learning goals.

We offer leadership coaching and mentoring across a spectrum of trades. We can also provide training on managerial behavior, customer service, relationship building and communication. We teach the importance of business etiquette, appropriate work behavior and diversity sensitivity.

Our trades skills training includes heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, maintenance, carpentry, electrical trades and plumbing.

Employer Engagement

  1. Career Site Visits:  The mentoring experience is focused on career exploration with STEM, and students learn about careers through Career Site Visits hosted by a variety of employers around Washington, D.C.  Site visits are typically two-hours and include a site tour, interviews with three employees in distinctly different jobs, and a pre- and post- visit coaching/Q&A session with a challenge presented for students to solve.  Employers can host a career site visit once, or multiple times, for small or large groups of students.
  1. Lunch & Learn:  Before an employer hosts a career site visit, we introduce our organization to the employer through a Lunch & Learn.  The employer invites employees for lunch and Mentors, Inc. shares how to volunteer as mentors, as well as how the organization can be a career/STEM host site.  Lunch and learns are typically at noon, and our PowerPoint presentation is only about 35 minutes long.  This way, the employer learns about the partnership with Mentors, Inc., provides employees a way to volunteer with local education-related efforts, and learns more about how to host a career site visit – getting employees on board with the opportunity as well.  Lunch & Learns typically draw from five to 25 employees.
  1. Sponsorship / Partnership:  We shifted about 10 years ago from corporate sponsorships (one time event funding), to corporate “partnerships” to respond to corporations’ evolving need for more substantive engagement.  Our corporate supporters typically donate $25,000 per year; serve on our Board of Directors; have logo presence at our annual May graduation celebration and on our web site; host Lunch & Learns for employee volunteering; and suggest other engagement that is meaningful to the corporation. 

If your organization has an interest in local education, wants to provide opportunities for employees to engage locally, and wants to support local education, we’re happy to discuss how you can get involved in the power of mentoring for student success.

Thank you for considering Euclid Mentors as a business partner. Together, we can make hope happen!

Join the many corporate partners we currently have working with on our team. Contact us today at info@euclidmentors.com for your staffing and training needs.