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Diverse organizations let you bring your whole self to work

During your job search, are you looking at employers that stress diversity in the workforce? You should.

Companies that focus on diversity — not just in terms of race, but also gender, sexual orientation, age, culture, educational background, and more — can offer you a lot of benefits other companies can’t.

More and more companies recognize the benefits of a diverse workforce. When great minds from different backgrounds work together, a company can become more than the sum of its parts.

In–Depth Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives


Employers Embracing Employees with Disabilities Initiatives

The Workplace Initiative helps companies recruit, hire and retain the largest untapped labor pool in the country – people with disabilities. This initiate showcases facts and case studies to show how disability inclusion drives business value. It also includes information needed to start or enhance your disability employment and inclusion program.

The Initiative is a free resource that helps employers tap the benefits of disability diversity. They educate public- and private-sector organizations on ways to build inclusive workplace cultures and empower them to become leaders in the employment and advancement of people with disabilities.

Racial and Ethnic Diversity Initiatives

Companies increasingly understand the value of recruiting and retaining diverse employees, as these workers play a critical role in a company’s ability to adapt, grow and sustain a competitive advantage in the modern business landscape.

To thrive in the current diverse times, companies need to lead the way in inclusion by creating workplaces that promote and celebrate racial and ethnic diversity. By creating diversity-friendly environments, companies gain an advantage in the competitive search for skilled talent.

Initiatives for Low-Income Skilled Workers

When we assume low-income workers to be low skilled, it is for from the truth. This initiative focuses on these key points for employers and skilled low-income workers to connect.

They have an inherent ability to adapt.Skilled low-income workers have likely experienced many hardships and have therefore become tenacious in their ability to adapt and accept change. Change is inevitable in the business world, so this quality is desirable. You want your employees to be able to seamlessly adapt when unexpected occurrences happen.

They overcome challenges effectively. When something goes wrong, which is inevitable in life, you want your employees to be able to not only handle it but learn from it. skilled low-income workers have ample experience overcoming hardship and it comes naturally to them to accept, overcome, and move on.

They’re relentlessly tenacious. Many skilled low-income workers had to fight for their way of life. They are persistent and diligent to their work and don’t let problems or issues in the workplace slow them down. Their personal difficulties forged their work ethics. If you’re a leader who values steadfastness, a skilled low-income workers may surprise you.

As companies look for more workers to fill various roles, finding and hiring skilled low-income workers and helping them develop internally may be a solution. But first, companies need to understand the needs of such candidates—as well as where to look for them and how to help them advance.


Job Readiness Initiatives

Job readiness is training for those seeking employment who want to get, and keep a job. From preparing a resume, interview training and workshop trainings.

The Initiative helps people who want to work to get “job ready” and prepare for being hired and remaining employed.

After that, we stay in regular contact and provide support for a person during their first few years on the job as life stresses can impede a person’s motivation and ability to continue working.  To summarize, we help our clients get ready for the job, then get the job and then keep the job.  We are the long term partner that wants to help our client’s succeed.

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