Nonprofits and Community Organizations

Partnering to Unlock Possibilities

When we come together as a community to support the next generation, the possibilities are endless. We partners with local schools, companies and community organizations to surround people with a network of support. In doing so, we pool our resources to make a deeper, enduring impact.

Bridge Gaps – Build Communities

We believe in the value of connecting communities from different parts of the city and connecting people from all walks of life. The Diversity Movement is open to organizations, businesses and institutions across sectors and industries — because we all achieve more when we come together for the betterment of today’s youth and job seekers.

A Network of Support

Nonprofits and community organizations are critical parts of this network. From after-school groups that integrate us into their weekly programming, to neighborhood organizations that provide volunteers and connections to local companies, to fellow nonprofits that support students, job seekers and families in their transition to high school or work. We are always looking for allies to join The Diversity Movement.

Nonprofit and community partners provide:

A Web of Support

When we work together, businesses, organizations and individuals help students build social capital and gain access to more resources and networks that open doors to new possibilities.

Online Resources

Add resources supporting mentors, educators and families to our library

Willingness to Collaborate

Program extension, conference presentations, coalitions – let’s promote possibility together

Join The Diversity Movement

Your organization can be part of a diverse community that’s helping middle school students explore, understand and pursue unique futures. It’s up to us to broaden their horizon and show them everything they can be.
How Can We Promote Possibility Together?

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