Partnership is essential to our work, and we believe that joining forces, providing resources and sharing knowledge and expertise is the quickest way to promote workforce diversity. We have created strong alliances with organizations who support this mission and provide members with access to a diverse candidate pool.

Schools, companies, organizations and funders are committed to providing Euclid the access, skills and resources needed to understand, experience and pursue what’s possible.

Who’s Involved?

We’re business leaders and local leaders, parents and supporters, educators and corporate leaders. And we’re here to welcome you to The Diversity Movement. Everyone has a role in helping people discover what’s possible. Find your role here.

School Partnerships

School Partners help us collaborate with students to make real-world career exploration possible. Companies open their doors to students, and employees share their workspaces for group activities and one-to-one mentoring. Funders make it all possible with strategic investments in the next generation of difference-makers.

Corporate Partnerships

Euclid connects companies with local communities, creating efficient and effective opportunities for workplace-based CSR and employee engagement initiatives.

Community Connections & Nonprofit Partnerships

Euclid works with organizations across the country to expand opportunities for students, young adults and job seekers to learn more about themselves and what’s possible for their unique futures. Through program support, shared resources, coalition building and content marketing we come together to help students succeed.

Funding Partnerships

Tomorrow’s workforce needs to understand and explore what’s possible for the future, today.  Euclid strategically combines proven models and frameworks like mentoring, social-emotional learning, academic mindsets and hands-on project creation in a program uniquely designed to meet the needs of an individual as they progress.

Be part of a diverse community that’s helping job seekers and students understand, experience and pursue unique futures. It’s up to us to broaden their horizon and show them everything they can be.