Successful Resume Tips

  • Your Resume is the First and Most Important Tool for Your Career Search. Very Important to Always have an updated resume available in case of an opportunity knocking your door.
  • Writing a resume is an important step that few look forward to. Where you are struggling to keep your resume a certain length or thinking of more to write to make it longer, here are some tips for writing an effective winning resume.
  • The first step in getting your resume in front of the proper person which is our area of specialization
  • Determine what goal or goals your resume should help you attain
  • Regardless of what experience you place on your resume, make sure to do so in an organized manner, using bullet points and concise statements in a professional manner; try to avoid fluff
  • When writing your resume, know what your prospective employers are looking for and highlight the experience and action words that you feel will grab their attention and set you apart from other job seekers
  • Do not put too much detail into your resume, but remember to focus on objectives and goals that will get you your dream job
  • A resume should peak interest and act as a step towards obtaining an interview, writing an entire autobiography will lead to an un-interested employer
  • Use the inverted pyramid style of writing; start off with your skills and experiences you feel stand out the most and are the most relevant to the industry you are seeking your job or career in
  • It is also important to note that employers pay close attention to numbers and some specific experience, but you have roughly 30 seconds to grab their attention, otherwise, your resume will never reach the right hands
  • Make sure you include the words and phrases used in the job opening ads for the position you are looking for
  • When you are writing your resume, read it out loud to make sure it reads easily and smoothly, it also is a great way of determining the best word choice to use for a professional sounding resume
  • Limit your resume to no more than two pages
  • Four eyes are better than two, and six are better than four; always have someone else review your resume before submitting it, get input and make sure it sounds professional to readers other than yourself


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